Hero Helper – Basic Stat Display

Hero Helper I spent a little time today working on displaying the stats.  So far, I am displaying basic stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality, Armor, All Resist, Armor DR, and Total DR.  All of these stats are under … Continued

Hero Helper – EHP Calculation

Hero Helper Last night I finally got around to making some calculations.  I started with the easy part of calculating the base stats as well as resistance, armor, HP, damage reduction, and effective HP or EHP.

Hero Helper – Skills

  Hero Helper Hero Helper is still missing a lot of basic data that you can get from the website.  Such as skills, passives, followers, and progress.  I’m not sure how much of this data is really needed for this … Continued

Hero Helper – Compare Stats

Hero Helper Well I started work on showing the stats for comparing items.  I’m tossing around a few ideas of how to display everything and so far I’ve come up with this mock up.  You can scroll the stats as … Continued

Hero Helper – View States Fixed

Hero Helper Yesterday I spent my night focusing more on the style of the app.  This time I worked on making sure the app still functioned in the different view states which are: Full Screen Landscape, Filled Or Narrow, Snapped, … Continued