Hero Helper – v1.0.2

Hero Helper I figured out a couple more bugs that users were experiencing.  This one was rather major so I decided to push it out immediately.  I will do my best to not make a habit of this.  Hopefully most … Continued

Hero Helper – V1.0.1

Hero Helper Thanks to everyone that got the app right away and sent in all of the feedback!  I do apologize for the bugs people found. I was able to get some of them fixed right away and put out … Continued

Hero Helper – Version 1 Released

Good news everyone!  Hero Helper has passed all of the certification requirements a lot sooner than I had planned so the app is now available on the Windows Store!   Download Hero Helper Today!   I know Hero Helper is … Continued

Hero Helper – Almost Done

Hero Helper   Well I got a lot of work done on Hero Helper over the weekend and it feels pretty awesome. The item compare is working.  The stat calculation looks pretty accurate.  The UI seems to be pretty solid. … Continued

Hero Helper – Stat Details

Hero Helper   I spent most of yesterday working on display more of the detailed stats. This includes calculating the DPS.  This probably took me most of the time because I kept forgetting some stats or I was calculating them … Continued