Hero Helper – Almost Done

Hero Helper   Well I got a lot of work done on Hero Helper over the weekend and it feels pretty awesome. The item compare is working.  The stat calculation looks pretty accurate.  The UI seems to be pretty solid. … Continued

CraigDesk v2 Alpha

So I took a little break the past couple days to work on my WordPress theme CraigDesk. I didn’t really like how it looked the first time through and decided to aim for the Aero look of Windows 7. Here … Continued

Hero Helper – Stat Details

Hero Helper   I spent most of yesterday working on display more of the detailed stats. This includes calculating the DPS.  This probably took me most of the time because I kept forgetting some stats or I was calculating them … Continued

Hero Helper – Basic Stat Display

Hero Helper I spent a little time today working on displaying the stats.  So far, I am displaying basic stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality, Armor, All Resist, Armor DR, and Total DR.  All of these stats are under … Continued

Hero Helper – EHP Calculation

Hero Helper Last night I finally got around to making some calculations.  I started with the easy part of calculating the base stats as well as resistance, armor, HP, damage reduction, and effective HP or EHP.