Portfolio currently down

Well, shame on me for upgrading my website without testing… I broke my portfolio!  I’ll hopefully have this back up and running later today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hero Helper – v1.0.2

Hero Helper I figured out a couple more bugs that users were experiencing.  This one was rather major so I decided to push it out immediately.  I will do my best to not make a habit of this.  Hopefully most … Continued

Hero Helper – V1.0.1

Hero Helper Thanks to everyone that got the app right away and sent in all of the feedback!  I do apologize for the bugs people found. I was able to get some of them fixed right away and put out … Continued

Hero Helper – Version 1 Released

Good news everyone!  Hero Helper has passed all of the certification requirements a lot sooner than I had planned so the app is now available on the Windows Store!   Download Hero Helper Today!   I know Hero Helper is … Continued