Hero Helper – V1.0.1

Hero Helper

Thanks to everyone that got the app right away and sent in all of the feedback!  I do apologize for the bugs people found.

I was able to get some of them fixed right away and put out a new release.  Thankfully, it seems Microsoft is desperate for apps so they release them much faster than promised.


So what did I change?

  • Fixed DPS calclulations
    • I was having issues with certain off-hands and elemental damage.  This shoould now be more accurate.
  • Weapons now show stats correctly in “item compare” popup
    • This was usually just blank.  Stats should now properly populate the popup.
  • Socket stats are now included in “item compare” popup
    • Socket values were completely ignored when you went in to “modify” an item.  The values were counted for the calculated stats, they just were never shown to the user.
  • % values should now be entered as %’s not decimals
    • Before you had to type 0.50 for 50%.  Now you can just type 50 (Please don’t type the %)
  • Battletag and Region text is now aligned with their text boxes


Thank you so much for the feedback and I can’t wait to hear more!

Please let me know if there are any other bugs or requests that you have.

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