CraigDesk v2 Alpha

So I took a little break the past couple days to work on my WordPress theme CraigDesk.

I didn’t really like how it looked the first time through and decided to aim for the Aero look of Windows 7.

Craig Desk v2.0 Alpha
Craig Desk v2.0 Alpha

Here is an view of CraigDesk v2 in it’s infancy.  I still have a lot of work to do, but the base style is coming together.  You can view the “alpha” build here ->

I still have a lot of work left on CraigDesk, but I can at least say that it’s coming together.  I could probably use it right now in place of version 1, but I would rather wait until I get some more features done.

As you can see, the start menu in the task bar doesn’t quite work.  All it does is show some menu items.  Eventually they will open up to more links.

I’ve been mostly doing back end work on CraigDesk because I wanted to make the theme more dynamic.  What I mean is that I will be able to change some stuff about the theme from a settings panel I have set up.

This will make life a lot easier if I ever change my mind on how things look.

One example of the settings are the social links.  If no link is provided then they will disappear from the task bar.


I think I’ll have to pause development on this for a bit so I can finish Hero Helper.  I just wanted to change pace quick while I think about some of the issues I’ve been having with Hero Helper.

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