Hero Helper – Stat Details

Hero Helper


I spent most of yesterday working on display more of the detailed stats.

This includes calculating the DPS.  This probably took me most of the time because I kept forgetting some stats or I was calculating them incorrectly.
I think I finally got the formula down because my DPS on my DH matched up exactly as it did in Diablo 3.

Here’s an example of Diablo 3 versus Hero Helper.

All of the stats are calculated from the “raw attributes”.  That means I take all of the raw values from every item and tally them to get the values you see.  This way I can make sure what you see is a more accurate representation of your heroes stats.

I was even able to get most of the passive skill bonuses added to the stats.  I declined to add any active skills because those are only temporary buffs.  I might add them later, but for now Hero Helper will only count most of the passives.  I’m sure Hero Helper is missing some details so when I finally release this, I will need feedback from the community to make sure my calculations become more accurate.

My next step is to finally add the item compare mode.  I’m pretty excited but also frightened at the work I’ll have to do.  Hopefully I won’t have to rewrite too much code…  I’m terrible at planning…

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