Hero Helper – EHP Calculation

Hero Helper

Last night I finally got around to making some calculations.  I started with the easy part of calculating the base stats as well as resistance, armor, HP, damage reduction, and effective HP or EHP.

Hero Helper - EHP
Hero Helper – EHP

I’ve compared this result to many other sites and it looks like I’m using the correct formula for calculating the EHP!  I have to do a lot of code clean up later, but I at least proved that I can do the calculations.

I did all of the calculations off of the “raw attributes” (including set bonuses and gems) to get a more accurate calculation.  This is more of a pain, but worth doing so you guys can get the most accurate stats.  As of right now, I’m not including any bonuses from stats.  I may add those later… but for now, my EHP was the same as other sites so I think this will be good enough.  If people complain that the values aren’t accurate than I can add the bonuses from skills.

Now I just need to make sure these stats are saved in the cache and are displayed properly.  Once that’s done, I’ll work on refactoring the code so it looks nicer.


Oh and I also got the skills to completely display.  Including the passives.  I don’t show any of the fancy tooltips for the skills… I think that’s out of scope of what this app is really about.

Here’s a little preview of what the skills look like.

Hero Helper - Skills
Hero Helper – Skills

As always, more updates coming.  Probably not for a week though since Christmas is coming up and my vacation starts tomorrow.  Happy Holidays!

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